Modern ski service

Quality racing skis with the Montana ski service machines.

Montana Challenge Automat
Montana Challenge Automat

Der Perfekte Allround oder Rennski.

Mit den modernsten Automaten von Montana.

at your MONTANA-service operation, you can choose depending on the condition of your ski between the following service levels:


Base repair

the covering will be repaired over the entire surface in the reflow process.


Preparation of the treads

The running surfaces are ground using a special stone grinding process and provided with a structure that improves gliding and turning capabilities.


Preparation of the side edges

The edges are ground in the optimal angle and then tuned so that you are sharp when driving and do not blend.


Waxing and polishing

Your skis are treated with wax and then polished.


racing service

Perfect edge tuning, structural polish the treads depending on the snow conditions, specific application of the wax.